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Stafford County


Every year there are several camping experiences offered for all different age groups.

Heart of Kansas Camp

Heart of Kansas 4-h Camp is a four day, fun-filled, learning experience for children who have completed 2nd to 8th grades, and counselors 15 years of age and older.   All youth are welcome at 4-H Camp.   Activities of this camp include canoeing, horseback riding, swimming, archery, air rifle, nature centers, and crafts. 



4-H Campference is an event for 12 to 14 year old youth, who are ready to take 4-H to the next level.   The Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Council combines the best aspects of a camp and a conference into a event for middle school youth  who still want the "fun" of 4-H Camp, but who also want to challenge themselves to develop critical skills so that they can set themselves up for success in the future.  Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Council Members serve as the camp counselors for this event.

The pace of the conference will be more upbeat than most, combining fun-filled games with time to talk, listen, and learn.  Youth should expect to be challenged, and should prepare themselves for a thrilling experience, as youth from all across the State of Kansas will be attending.  The week long experience will include learning more about leadership workshops, and thrilling opportunities that lie ahead in the 4-H Program.

 Each day will be broken down into time for traditional camp activities, such as swimming, rifle range, canoeing, leadership adventure, and workshops.  The workshops tackle different aspects of 4-H in an interesting, interactive format.  Other important activities include a talent show, campfire, dance, games, swimming, and free time to meet and enjoy new friends from across the state.