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Stafford County

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to join 4-H?

There are no dues, or installation fees for a 4-H Club member. The cost to 4-H members are determined by the project he or she selects.

For Example: if you are enrolled in Visual Arts-n-Crafts, the project will only cost what expenses you incurred purchasing your project materials. if you are in the Swine project, you will need to purchase your hog, feed for the duration of time you own the animal, a watering system, and any other equipment/ materials you may need to care for your hog. Animal projects can add up to several hundred dollars, but the 4-H member comes away with a wealth of knowledge and learning experiences.

What's the difference between a community club, and a project club?

A Community Club is the local 4-H club in your community that meets once a month to conduct business, members are enrolled in a variety of projects. We have three Community Clubs in Stafford County, one in each of the larger communities.

A Project Club is a 4-H Club for members in a specific project only. These clubs start meeting in the spring to practice and end practice sometime in the fall. We currently have two Project Clubs in Stafford County, the Stafford County Dog Club, and the Stafford County Shooting Sports Club. Members are still considered 4-H members, in fact, you cannot officially participate in a project club until the required 4-H paperwork is returned to the local Extension Office. Contact the Project Club Leaders for more information.

What do I have to do to join a 4-H Club?

Simply attend a local 4-H meeting in your community, or call the Extension Office for more details. To enroll, you need to fill out a 4-H Enrollment Card with your personal contact information, and select the project(s) you're interested in taking. If you are a returning 4-H member, enrollment cards are required and must be handed in to the Extension Office by December 1st of the current year. New member enrollment cards are due to the Extension Office by May 1st if they are joining after the new 4-H year begins. Anyone may add or drop projects until May 1st of the current 4-H year.

What do I do once I have joined a club?

The 4-H member and a family member should attend monthly meetings. Start slow...after you attend the first few meetings, get involved by asking your community leader what you can do to help out. 4-H runs on volunteers and youth involvement. Any help you can or are willing to provide is always appreciated! Maybe you can bring refreshments to a meeting, or help plan the next community service project. Everyone has ideas, so don't be afraid to speak out and make suggestions. The more ideas there are on the table, the more options available for the club to consider.

Also, equally important is to choose your projects for the current year, attend project meetings, exhibit at the county fair, and take part in county activities. You will find that 4-H is not just about the county fair!

I have heard about 4-H Record Books- Do I have to do one?

Record books have changed immensely over the years, and they certainly are not what your parents remember working on. In fact, beginning in 2008, record keeping within 4-H went through a revision process to make record keeping easier to understand, and easier to work on. Very few young adults (or old adults) enjoy the process of record keeping, however, in our society it is a very valuable habit to get into. We prefer each 4-H member fill out the minimum requirement of a personal page, and the permanent record so you will be eligible for your year pin. But, this is not required to participate in 4-H.