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Stafford County

Award Applications

Stafford County is piloting new record book forms for Members ages 7-9 and 10-13 this year.  Members age 14 and up will continue with the same KAP process as in the past. 

Guide to Kansas 4-H Project Recognition

**Please note: when opening a document, please open it and save it to your desktop or device before entering information.  You must download and save the form first, or you run the risk of losing your work.**

Record Book: 

The minimum required to receive an Achievement Pin at the end of the 4-H year is to complete your record book.  The record book is made up of a Cover Sheet, Personal Page, and Permanent Record.    The Cover Sheet can be the green 4-H Record Book cover or one that is designed on the computer.  The cover needs to include the 4-H Member's Name and 4-H Club. The Personal Page and Permanent Record forms are linked below. 

Project Report Forms:

Project Report Forms have replaced the old KAP forms for Members age 7 to 13.  Please use the forms designed for your 4-H Member's correct age group.   There are two form categories- General and Animal.  General forms are for anything not an animal (i.e. photography, leadership, clothing & textiles, foods & nutrition, etc.) Animal forms are for all small animals (rabbit, dog, poultry) and all large animal species (beef, sheep,etc)

 Record Book and Award Forms & Resources for Members 14 & Up:
Member Achievement Awards