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Stafford County

Other County and State Events

There are a wide variety of events offered throughout the County and State for those interested in attending. Some of these events are project focused. Below are a few of the upcoming events.

Upcoming County & State Events

Stafford County Fair

The Stafford County Fair will be held the third week in July of each year in city of Stafford. Come and check out all of the hard work on display by our county 4-Hers. Information for the County Fair can be found on the Stafford County Fair tab.

Kansas State Fair

After the dust has settled on the County Fair, our 4-Hers will have an opportunity to exhibit on a state level. The Kansas 2022 State Fair will be held September 9th through the 18th in Hutchinson, KS. Click this link to go to the State Fair Website!

Kansas Jr. Livestock Show

This is another opportunity for those involved with livestock projects to compete again with youth throughout the state of Kansas. The 2022 Kansas Junior Livestock Show will be held September 30 –October 2, 2022 at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, KS.