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Stafford County

Be a Leader

Ready to take the leap into leadership? Stafford County 4-H offers a wide variety of leadership opportunities. In order to keep our youth safe, all of our Leaders do have to complete the same screening process as our Volunteers. Contact the Extension Office to get the screening process started.

Community Club Leader:

A volunteer who is responsible for the organizational part of the club. 

Project Leader:

A volunteer who helps instruct 4-H members within their project. This person is often a 4-H parent who agrees to help with a project. It may also be a junior leader, or a person from the community who has knowledge in a particular subject matter area. 

Junior Leader:

A 4-H member who is in grades 7-12, and is enrolled in the junior leadership project. They take an active part in helping the younger members in the club. By doing this they learn leadership skills.

Project Leaders and What they Do:

They have an interest in one particular project area. They are willing to share their time, talents, and efforts with a small group of 4-H members. Any parent or community member can be a project leader, provided they fill out the required paperwork. It doesn't take an expert to be a leader. Most projects have a leaders guide book to assist you, and on occasion, leader trainings are provided. The most important ingredient for project leaders is that they be sincerely interested in working with 4-H members. If you are interested in helping with a project, visit with your club's community leader or the Extension Office.