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Stafford County

Stafford County 4-H

Stafford County offers 3 community clubs and 2 project clubs within our 4-H program.

Community Clubs

Community Clubs generally meet once a month in a central location. The meetings give you opportunities to share their project work, plan community service activities, and practice planning and running monthly meetings.  Refreshments, and recreation time are also popular reasons to attend club meetings!

  • Cloverleaf 4-H Club- Macksville
  • Corn Valley 4-H Club- Stafford
  • Jolly Workers 4-H Club- St. John- Hudson

Project Clubs

Project Clubs were established for 4-H members who wanted to concentrate on one particular project, without the added activities of a community club.  4-H members can sign up for the Dog project or a Shooting Sports discipline and that's all they may choose to do.  Project clubs take part in 4-H events, but also participate in other events being held across the state that are facilitated by a State Association or other group. 

  • Stafford County Dog Club
  • Stafford County Shooting Sports Club