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Stafford County

County Club Day


The 2020 Stafford County Club Day will be March 7th at the St. John High School. County Club registration forms are due to the Extension Office by Friday, February 21st.

Click here for a copy of the County Club Day Registration form.       


ARI: Applications, Resume, and Interview

As 4-H members get older, many will apply for jobs, leadership opportunities and scholarships. ARI is a great way to get those skills into tip top shape! 

Applications, Resume, and Interview (ARI) is a mock interview process that will give teens (13 and older) an opportunity to apply for a “job.” Participants will need to complete the sample application and create a resume. The interview will take place at County Club Day. 

There will be a deadline set for the hand written application and resume to be handed in. The “job” options that are available to apply for will be announced, and the same judge that has looked at your application and resume will interview you. Each participant will have 10 minutes to complete the interview. 

We cannot begin to tell you what a valuable experience this will be for you! Once you have experienced ARI, you will have truly gained a life skill you will use for many years to come. Engaging in a mock interview will allow you to experience what the process is like in real life. If you are intimidated about putting together a simple resume—give us a call. We have helped numerous kids throughout the years do this and we would like to help you!            

Publications to help you prepare: